She was insane! Should of definitely got the golden buzzer! Never heard anyone sing with that much power and confidence but yet she was not full of herself either. Total gem! ❤Most POWERFUL Female Singer To EVER Audition for America’s Got Talent!
The story revolves around a remarkable and powerful female singer who auditions for America’s Got Talent. As she steps onto the stage, her electrifying
The Morgan Twins – Fallin..Their voices are so similar yet different and they bring different harmonies that mesh so well together
“The Morgan Twins – Fallin'” could be a captivating story about two siblings, Alex and Morgan, who share a unique bond.
I will say it over and over again, the voice Australia is the best. These judges are vocal beasts.
In the enthralling world of “The Voice Australia,” viewers are drawn into a riveting season featuring an extraordinary panel of judges hailed
She is amazing!!! Beautiful tone, great stage presence, very captivating!!! Well done! Charlette Ginu’s Unique Take On Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’
Charlette Ginu, a rising artist known for her distinct musical style, takes on the challenge of reimagining Major Lazer’s hit song ‘
I’m not saying I’m obsessed, all I’m saying is I’ve watched this more than I’m willing to admit. Levi X Sings Seven Nation Army Hit | The Blind Auditions | The Voice
Levi, a talented singer with a unique twist, auditions on “The Voice” by performing the iconic “Seven Nation Army”
OMGGG!! Udo Lindenberg – Wozu Sind Kriege Da ||this girl surprised everyone she is really perfect
In a poignant and unexpected twist during the Blind Auditions of “The Voice Kids 2022,” a young contestant named Berenike takes the stage to
Sia – Unstoppable (Leonie) |this perfomance is really amazing and perfect one..you cant even imagine how he did lt
In a defining moment on “The Voice,” the spotlight shines on a young contestant named Leonie, whose rendition of Sia’s “
This perfomance surprised everyone.Beyoncé – Halo (Thapelo) | The Voice Kids
In a captivating episode of “The Voice Kids,” Thapelo, a talented young artist, astounds both the audience and the judges with a stunning rendition
BIAS and Jacquie Roar Bring Electrifying Energy to Jelly Roll’s “Need A Favor” ..Never seen a better battle on the Voice. THE BEST!!! I have looped this video over and over, never gets old, never. I still get teary and chills. So real and inspirational
In a night of unparalleled musical fusion, the charismatic duo BIAS and the powerhouse singer Jacquie Roar team up to deliver an electrifying performance
Carson Daly Gets Trolled By The Trolls ..this perfomance has 5milio view..you just see this amazing video and you will be surprised
In a comical and unexpected turn of events during “The Voice” Knockouts, host Carson Daly finds himself unwittingly at the center of a playful