Etienne Steven Performs ‘Savage Love’ .Honestly this is a pretty good cover of savage love and I can already tell that she’s going to grow into this competition


Etienne Steven, a charismatic performer, steps onto the stage during the Blind Auditions of “The Voice Australia.” His song choice is “Savage Love,” delivering a unique and captivating rendition.
The coaches, with their backs turned during the Blind Auditions, listen intently to the performance. Etienne’s energy and vocal prowess grab the attention of the coaches, creating anticipation as they decide whether to turn their chairs for him. As the performance unfolds, the audience witnesses the dynamic interaction between Etienne and the coaches, showcasing his potential to go far in the competition.

The plot centers around Etienne’s journey as he navigates the challenges and opportunities of “The Voice Australia,” aiming to turn chairs, secure a coach, and make a lasting impression with his take on “Savage Love.”

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