BIAS and Jacquie Roar Bring Electrifying Energy to Jelly Roll’s “Need A Favor” ..Never seen a better battle on the Voice. THE BEST!!! I have looped this video over and over, never gets old, never. I still get teary and chills. So real and inspirational


In a night of unparalleled musical fusion, the charismatic duo BIAS and the powerhouse singer Jacquie Roar team up to deliver an electrifying performance of Jelly Roll’s chart-topping hit, “Need A Favor.” The stage is set for an explosive collaboration that transcends genres, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts across the globe.

As the curtains rise, the anticipation in the air is palpable. BIAS, known for their innovative blend of electronic beats and futuristic sounds, takes their place on the stage. Meanwhile, the spotlight shifts to Jacquie Roar, a vocal powerhouse with a stage presence that wildemands attention.

The performance begins with BIAS setting the tone, creating an otherworldly atmosphere with their signature electronic beats. The audience is drawn into a sonic landscape that feels both cutting-edge and timeless. The stage is bathed in dynamic lighting, enhancing the futuristic vibe as BIAS lays the foundation for the collaboration.

As the music builds, Jacquie Roar steps into the spotlight, unleashing her vocal prowess with a roar that resonates through the venue. Her commanding stage presence complements the pulsating beats of BIAS, creating a synergy that elevates Jelly Roll’s “Need A Favor” to new heights.

The chemistry between BIAS and Jacquie Roar is undeniable. The electronic beats seamlessly intertwine with Jacquie’s soulful vocals, creating a sonic tapestry that captivates the audience. The fusion of electronic and vocal elements brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the familiar hit, leaving the crowd in awe of the unexpected but harmonious collaboration.

The performance reaches its climax with a mesmerizing instrumental bridge, showcasing BIAS’s electronic prowess and Jacquie’s vocal versatility. The venue is alive with energy as the duo navigates the intricate musical landscape, pushing the boundaries of what a live performance can achieve.

As the final notes reverberate through the venue, the audience erupts in thunderous applause, recognizing the unique and electrifying experience they’ve just witnessed. The judges, usually reserved in their praise, express their admiration for the bold and innovative collaboration that BIAS and Jacquie Roar brought to Jelly Roll’s “Need A Favor.”

The performance becomes a defining moment not only for the artists involved but for “BIAS and Jacquie Roar” as a musical force to be reckoned with. Their electrifying rendition of “Need A Favor” leaves an indelible mark on the music industry, setting a new standard for genre-blurring collaborations that push the boundaries of creative expression.

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