Carson Daly Gets Trolled By The Trolls ..this perfomance has 5milio just see this amazing video and you will be surprised

In a comical and unexpected turn of events during “The Voice” Knockouts, host Carson Daly finds himself unwittingly at the center of a playful trolling scheme by the mischievous Trolls – the animated characters from the popular DreamWorks film. The stage is set for a knockout round filled with surprises and laughter


As Carson begins introducing the next knockout round, the lights dim, and a whimsical atmosphere takes over the stage. Unbeknownst to Carson, a group of Trolls, led by the irrepressible Poppy and Branch, have infiltrated the show, aiming to add a touch of their signature mischief to the proceedings.

Just as Carson is about to announce the first contestants, the Trolls launch into an impromptu musical performance, dancing their way onto the stage with infectious energy. The audience is immediately caught off guard, shifting from anticipation to pure amusement.

Carson, initially bewildered, quickly adapts to the unexpected situation. Playing along with the Trolls, he becomes an unwitting participant in their lively dance routine. The Trolls, with their vibrant colors and catchy tunes, turn “The Voice” stage into a whimsical wonderland, injecting an element of joy that transcends the typical knockout rounds.

Behind the scenes, the coaches are watching in astonishment as Carson, along with the Trolls, steals the spotlight. Laughter fills the room as the Trolls execute their mischievous plan flawlessly, leaving everyone on set in stitches.

Just when it seems like the Trolls’ takeover might overshadow the main event, Carson seamlessly transitions back to the knockout announcements. The Trolls, satisfied with their successful prank, exit the stage in a burst of confetti, leaving a trail of laughter in their wake.

As the knockout rounds proceed, the lingering joy from the Trolls’ unexpected performance continues to reverberate throughout the episode. Carson Daly, known for his composed demeanor, becomes the unexpected hero of a light-hearted spectacle that adds an

unforgettable twist to “The Voice” Knockouts. The Trolls may have trolled Carson, but in the end, they gifted the audience and contestants with a moment of sheer entertainment that goes down in “The Voice” history as one of its most delightful surprises.

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