Once I decided to check what was happening at home while I was at work. I took a lunch break and quietly entered the apartment. When I came home, I was simply furious


With my first wife, things didn’t work out. She gave birth to our daughter, but when the child turned one, she started spending her nights on the internet, searching for a new husband and, incidentally, a sponsor. She quickly found a young wealthy foreigner and ran away to be with him, leaving with me. She made it clear that she had no intention of taking her back.

So, I was left alone with a baby in my arms. I’m 45 now. I was bewildered and scared, but I quickly pulled myself together and learned everything I needed to care for. Then I found a daytime nanny, and evenings, weekends, and sleepless nights were spent with.

About half a year ago, I met. She was beautiful, slender, with legs that went on forever, designer bags, and everything. Strangely enough, she assured me that she adored children and was willing to take full responsibility for my. I believed her, let the nanny go, and welcome into our lives.

A week later, I started noticing that when I came home from work, my daughter looked exhausted, lacking the energy to even play with me. She responded to all my questions with shrugged shoulders, sometimes crying, but revealing nothing. explained it as the “terrible twos” and typical childish behavior. With each passing day, the situation worsened. Eventually, stopped communicating with me, wouldn’t greet me when I came home from work, and spent her evenings locked in her room, hugging her stuffed bunny.

One day, I decided to check what was happening at home when I was at work. I excused myself during my lunch break and quietly entered the apartment. When I got home, I saw my six-year-old daughter preparing borscht while my wife was engrossed in social media on “Odnoklassniki” (a social networking site). I was furious! When I asked what was happening, she finally broke down, crying and telling me everything.

It turns out, from early in the morning, had been giving a long list of tasks to complete, threatening severe punishment if she didn’t finish them. My daughter showed me the list, as hadn’t had time to destroy it that day due to her preoccupation with social media. This conversation opened my eyes to who really was. After talking to, I went to, who was already packing her bags, and I didn’t interfere. That same evening, I rehired our nanny. I realized that my daughter was my most precious treasure, and no “glamorous beauty” was worth jeopardizing her well-being.

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