“Don’t look at me like that. I don’t need this child. Take it,” a stranger simply handed me a carrier. I didn’t understand what was happening.


My husband and I always lived in harmony. We rarely argued, and I tried to be a good wife and homemaker. We got married while still in university, and later, I became pregnant with twin daughters. As our children grew up, we started our small business, and while I helped

my husband part-time, I also had to take care of the children and manage the household. Cooking was my passion, and my husband eagerly looked forward to weekends when I would surprise him with delicious dishes. I always tried to come up with new recipes, and he was the main taste-tester. Our children were also curious about what new dish I would prepare each time.

With all these responsibilities, children, household chores, and work, I never paid much attention to what my husband was doing. I never could have imagined that he would betray me. The past year had been challenging for us. Our business was struggling, and we were doing our best to keep it afloat. My husband had to travel to different regions to secure new contracts. Our daughters started school, so I was taking care of them.

One day, when we returned home from work, we were met with a surprise – a beautiful, unfamiliar woman. As we got out of the car, she rushed towards us and handed me a baby carrier, saying, “Don’t look at me like that! I don’t want this child if he doesn’t want to be with me. Take him!” She was shouting, pointing at my husband. I stood there stunned, not understanding what was happening.

“You promised you would leave her and be with me! If not, I don’t want this child!” she yelled, spitting at my feet, then turned and left in high heels. I was in shock for a few minutes, trying to grasp the situation, holding the baby carrier with a newborn in my hands. I didn’t ask my husband anything. From the look on his face, I understood who the woman was, and he just wanted to disappear.

We silently went upstairs to our apartment. The newborn baby boy had been with us for only two weeks. “Go pick up the kids from school and buy everything I’ll write down for the baby,” my husband said. I replied, “These are my child and my money. I don’t owe him anything. His car doesn’t concern me. If he wants to fix it, he can do it at his own expense. Forget about my maternity leave. I won’t communicate with them anymore. I’ve had enough of enduring such disgusting treatment towards myself and my child in my own apartment. I’ve been working not to give my hard-earned money to some incomprehensible man. He’s looking for a new bride for my husband during my pregnancy. And they don’t seem particularly interested in their grandson.”

The situation was undoubtedly challenging, and your resolve to protect your rights and those of your child is commendable. In such circumstances, it’s crucial to assert your independence and ensure the well-being of yourself and your child.

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