When they heard the child’s cries for the third day in a row, the neighbors decided to call the police. Here’s what was found out


This story happened over 10 years ago. In one of the apartment buildings, neighbors had to endure the cries of a child from the third floor for several consecutive days. They knocked on the door several times, but no one answered. It seemed like there was only a little child in the apartment. Eventually, they called the police. A man and a woman in law enforcement uniforms arrived in response to the call. They had to break down the door to enter the apartment.

Behind the door, they found a cluttered and chaotic apartment. Sitting on the dirty floor was a one-year-old boy, crying. The child was taken to the hospital for examination, and he appeared to be extremely exhausted. The police tried to locate the biological parents of the child, but without success.

The child was supposed to be placed in a children’s home, but the man and woman from the police, who were the first to discover him, frequently visited him and grew attached to him. They were planning to start a family together and decided to adopt the boy.

This is how little Yurko found parents who truly loved and cared for him. With the support and care of his new family, grew up to be a very intelligent and kind person. He achieved success in his profession and became somewhat famous in his field.

Strangely, his biological parents somehow found out about his success and tried to reconnect with him. However, he couldn’t forgive them for their irresponsible treatment of their own child. His adoptive parents didn’t prevent him from interacting with his biological parents, but he chose not to communicate with them.

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