In our city, there was an accident that claimed the life of a student named James. Only after the ceremony did we learn a secret about her that she had hidden from everyone for four years


Life sometimes feels to me like a train that moves relentlessly according to its schedule, remaining completely indifferent to those who disembark and those who board. Its motion is so unyielding that passengers have long resigned themselves to the order of things.

Even if they haven’t resigned, they still can’t change anything. You never know when your turn to step into the unknown will come. I want to tell this story because soon it will be forgotten, life will go on its way, and only those close to us will continue to remember and mourn.

In our chemistry exam preparation group, there was a girl. We didn’t interact closely, but Sasha was always very cheerful and positive, and it was pleasant to talk to her. I was in my second year when our city was shaken by terrible news. A collision between a freight vehicle and a bus claimed many lives. A significant portion of the victims were students, and one of them was James. It was hard to believe; she was only twenty years old.

She was her parents’ only child, so her loss was irreplaceable. After the funeral, a hidden story that had been carefully concealed earlier began to emerge. It turned out that James had a daughter, whom she gave birth to at the age of 16 and who had been raised in an orphanage.

Her parents insisted that she secretly give birth and give up the child so that raising the baby wouldn’t interfere with her education. After the accident,, James mother, deeply regretted her actions and took her granddaughter back into the family.

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