Tight boy froze on stage, but as soon as he began to sing, he proved Simon that he was completely wrong
As soon as Jonathan and Charlotte went onto the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent”, Simon looked at Jonathan and prejudged that the audition will be a profound waste of time.
Talent show: the girl’s dress flew off, the judge fell from delight!
The format of the show, in which ordinary people demonstrate their abilities and receive ratings from the star jury is at the peak of popularity.
Boy On Fire: 16-Year-Old Crushes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finals
The 16-year-old performs to the 2012 Holmes hit, “Caught In The Fire,” a song that is perfectly paired with the incendiary production values and Aiden’s
Young woman’s voice so otherwordly and gorgeous she lands Golden Buzzer
She has a heart of gold and the voice to match it.Remember the name Lily Meola. This 27-year-old lady once had it all.Lily is a singer and songwriter from
Alleluia began to play – and the skater brought all the spectators to tears
Many people don’t know how to skate, but Taryn Jurgensen can’t imagine her life without figure skating. Stepping onto the ice, she was impatiently waiting
The Voice – Bryce Leatherwood takes on Morgan Wallen’s “Sand in My Boots”
It does not matter if Bryce Leatherwood won Season 22 of “The Voice.” He had already become a star in the eyes of Blake Shelton. The country coach, who
He is the real singer. Simon is delighted with the performance of the father of six children
Judge Simon Cowell isn’t known for being sweet and nice on any panel on any show, in fact, he’s been known for quite the opposite. And yet, there are times
The boy performed the song of the famous singer in such a way that the jury danced in his place.
The little boy who enjoyed the love not only of the public, but also of the jury. He fell in love with music when he was only seven years old.
The old woman and man surprised the audience with their ancient dance. Just look at how they dance
An elderly couple from Germany anneals on the dance floor no worse than the young ones. When retiring, many people dream of doing something interesting
A 68-year-old woman sang an old hit as the judges jumped out of their seats.
The heroine of our story today is Jenny Darren. He rose to prominence on the British show Got Talent and surprised all the judges in the music case.